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Quick, convenient and super healthy. Australians now have a value for money alternative when it comes to the trusty kitchen blender.

Each Spectablend blender can blend, grind, puree, cut, mash, make hot soup and even ice cream thanks to the friction-based motor.


A positive investment for your health!

Anna Meares, Olympic Champion

“As a sprinter I require muscle mass so I have a high protein diet,” she said.

“I keep carbs to before training sessions and limit them at night.”

Her strict diet also involves large hearty breakfasts with energy giving smoothies, smaller lunches and a light dinner with some form of protein before she goes to bed.

And her advice for anyone wanting to get fit and healthy is that it should be a complete lifestyle change and not a fad.

“I have nights and times where I don’t feel like cooking, but there are healthy options like smoothies which are so easy,” she said.

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Testimonials: What Our Customers are Saying

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I find that not only is it 1500W for owning everything in its path, the team behind it as in the customer service are down to earth and are just honest people making a difference by giving out a great product at a better rate which everyone is able to afford. Thanks for giving me confidence and aspiring me to juice and blend stuff again, my previous one was just 900W and I was already concerned that it would burn out whenever I put in lots of stuff, but with Spectablend I have no concerns at all and that’s great.

- via Product Review

Andrew G.

While I was researching for a high power blender, I came across Spectablend. After comparing the features of this blender with some of more expensive ones in the market, I find that it has most of the important features a high power blender should have. It has a powerful 1500W motor with a rotary speed of up to 35,000 RPM, a good size 2 litres BPA free jug (able to do wet and dry blending) and a stainless steel enclosed 6 blades assembly.

- via Product Review

Veronica N.

I was looking for a Vitamix via Gumtree and found the Spectablend blender with similar specs as Vitamix with a 2-litre jug and 1500W. Enquired more and got a response immediately even at 12am!? Ordered via their website and got it shipped immediately overnight maybe because they are also based in Melbourne. Opened it, it was properly packed with the mixing tamper, jar, lid and blender base. Made my first vege soup and it was steaming hot! Not bad, I’m happy with my purchase.

- via Product Review

Kayla C.

I’ve been wanting a high powered blender for ages but I was put off by the astronomical prices. I couldn’t justify spending around the $1000 mark. When I discovered the Spectablend it seemed too good to be true, but I’ve had it for over a month and it powers through everything. I’m so happy with it. Smoothies are great (it crushes ice, chia seeds and even the tiny kiwi seeds!), I’ve used it like a food processor, and I’ve made desserts by processing nuts, dates and seeds.

- via Product Review

Emily H.

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